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Shuriken N2, Free Download!

"Shuriken" stands for small throwing weapon especially used by ninja to assassinate someone, as you might already know. Here's 18 collection of vector images which I created. I don't know these shuriken actually exists or not. They're just my imagination. :)


  • collection title: Shuriken N2
  • author / designer / licensor: Hiroya Fujii
  • file format: EPS Vector
  • usage / terms: Personal Use Only
  • file name:
  • file size: 93.5 KB

Terms of Use:

You're free to use it, modify it, adapt it for your fun. It's for personal use only. Please do NOT use it for commercial purpose. Please do NOT distribute it.





We provide our original artwork and other resources for free. (Please refer each page's "Terms of Use" section for details. Some are restricted to personal use only, some are okay for any kind of usage including commercials.)

Hope you enjoy to combine your idea with our resources, fiddling with it on your project, create something new, unseen and brilliant. Linking to us is grateful.

- Hiroya Fujii (designer)

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